Surprising Patent Stories

First Patent granted in England

The first English Patent was granted by Henry VI to the Flemish born John Utynam in 1449. This was for a new manufacturing process for the Stained-Glass windows of Eton College. The Patent was in the form of an open letter marked with the King’s Great Seal, and called a

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2036 ways to open a bottle of wine

Electric, manual, pneumatic, with lever, without lever, adjustable length, folded, integrated in the cork or connected to the wall. Wine corkscrew continue to develop even 130 years after David W. Davis invented the traditional known corkscrew      2019 is over and we are still seating around our dinner table considering

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Handsfree umbrella

When touring the patent database, we found many interesting patent stories. Some of them can be funny, strange, amazing, different problems and many solutions. The following patents don’t need an explanation. We are all aware of the problem of keeping your hands warm while holding an umbrella. It is raining,

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