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Get help with your patent application - Find common questions about our service

Do you seek help with a patent application or a patent search? Here we provide help and support for questions concerning patent and patent law.

By contacting us prior to a patent attorney, you make sure that your case will be handled by a professional and independent patent search team that is dedicated to the art of finding the right patent information for you. Unlike a patent attorney from a patent and law firm, our team is conducting patent searches all day and every day, using the right methodology and tools. Conducting your patentability search with us might save you thousands of Euro’s by avoiding the costs of a patent attorney. In fact, both ours and global statistics numbers are showing clearly that inventions coming in from private inventors have less than a 20% chance of being novel. Our search will most likely be able to show you that your invention is not new. Regardless of these clear facts most service providers continue to send an inventor patent application without conducting a professional patent search. Ironically most service providers will earn more as the project proceeds and it is therefore important to receive an independent professional opinion before committing to a much higher costs involved in contacting a patent attorney and official fees.

Please contact us for more information. We can help you with a patent application and it’s entire process.

Based on our own search results data as well as yearly published global statistics we assume that most inventions coming from private inventors are not novel. A professional search expert using the right tools and methodology will need to spend less search time on most cases. A team that is dedicated, experienced and trained in using the best tools in the market is making sure the costs of a search you will get at Patentest is the lowest in the market while maintaining the best quality and service.

As an in-depth patent search organization, we must guarantee our clients the best and most comprehensive global search coverage. At Patentest we therefore use both public and professional paid databases.

Patents and patent applications are saved and made publicly available on local government national databases. This information is saved and published by every national patent office. The information is accessible for the public free of charge since it is within the public interest.

Global privately-owned companies are collecting all this patent information continuously into professional databases allowing different search tools and algorithm. These are paid databases that any professional search organization must have access to.

There are also global publicly available free databases and tools such as Google patent and Espacenet that is the European database managed by the European patent office, EPO.

Since we are committed to the best available tools we are testing regularly and thoroughly new tools every year. Beside using the free tools most of our searches will be covered using at least one of: Orbit Questel, Clarivate Analytics, Patbase.

Life science related searches will also be covered using STN.

We always recommend starting by conducting your own search before contacting us. You can start with a search on Google or any of the other search engines. If you can’t find what you are looking for try using the public free patent databases such as Google patent and Espacenet.

If you still can’t find it contact us and we will help you with a professional support and a patent search.

We are proud of our advanced, clear and concise search report. We think that it is important that patent search reports should offer all the information the clients need in a modern, easy to read, fast to understand and analyzed manner.

We designed the report so you can easily find all the information you need and share it with your patent attorney, colleague or potential client in the future.

Press on the link to view an example of a patentability/Novelty search report. Novelty search example

Our web solution and service are designed to handle orders coming from hundreds of clients. The secure solution is allowing you regardless if you are a private inventor or corporate client to place your order online. Our engineers will process your order and contact you if necessary, to discuss the invention. You could also instruct us to contact you prior to initiating the search.

If you would like to meet us before ordering the search, contact us to book a free of charge meeting.

If you are a private inventor, student or a start-up company you can enjoy our reduced price for a comprehensive patentability search of 550£ (600€) exclusive of VAT. If you are a patent attorney from a law firm or industry the price is 800£ (850€).

For discount or any other searches such as FTO, Invalidity and Landscape, please contact us and we will be happy to send you a price offer.

Your information is safe with us. We are dedicated to protecting our client’s information. We are also a member of The Association of Intellectual Property Law Firms in Sweden, (SEPAF) and are committed to the associations ethical roles as well as having insurance to cover our clients in the best possible way. Every order from us will include our Non-Disclosure Agreement and you are always welcome to send us your own agreement that we will be happy to sign.

We deliver all our searches within 7 working days. If you need your search expedited, we will deliver it within 3 working days for an additional fee. Same day delivery is possible. Please contact us for more information and price.

Though Patentability searches are the focus for many inventors, other professional IP and patent attorneys or consultants are using our in-depth patent information services such as:

FTO (Freedom to Operate)

Invalidity searches

Patent Landscape

State of the art

IP Due-Diligence

IP Strategy

Licensing strategy and negotiations

Because we are working with many patent attorneys in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden and Israel we can help you find the right patent attorney for you. We recommend you to always contact 2-3 attorneys in order to evaluate their price and service. We strongly advise you only use an authorized patent attorney that can offer you the full service and administration during the process. You are also welcomed to view the relevant patent attorneys list on our web site.

No. We don’t!

We believe that a patent information specialist needs to be independent and we therefore avoid drafting patent applications. As a principle we believe that Patentest should not provide the services traditionally conducted by the patent and law firms. This way our opinion and services can be provided professionally and independently to inventors, industry and law firms attorneys.

We also believe a patent information expert is a profession that demand the right training and knowledge in the art of searching, professional tools and practice that often don’t exist in a traditional patent and law firm.


There is no difference. Patentest® is our new and global trademark. Our previous name and trademark, Search-a-patent will be removed when the transitional period is over.

Common questions about patents

A patent is a legal document provided by a local governmental or regional patent office and is protecting an idea/a technical solution in return for revealing/publishing the idea. Read more here

We are here for you if you need patent support of any kind.

A patent will offer you an exclusive right over your idea for 20 years. It might help you increase the value of your invention by preventing others from using, producing or distributing your invention without your consent. As a patent owner you can stop others by proceeding with legal actions against the infringing party.

A patent though is not a Freedom to Operate, using or producing a product. A product might include other inventions/solutions that are protected by others. We therefore suggest you contact us for a Freedom to Operate (FTO) search and opinion before any investment in your development, production or launching your product.

A patent will offer you an exclusive right over your idea for 20 years. It might help you increase the value of your invention by preventing others from using, producing or distributing your invention without your consent. As a patent owner you can stop others by proceeding with legal actions against the infringing party.

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