Patent Analysis For Investors

IP Due-Diligence prior to investment ​

Patentest, patent experts team and senior patent and business consultants can offer you an IP (Intellectual property) analysis prior to investment in a new company, start-up or technology. If you are from a venture capital company, a private investor or technology and business incubator, we can help you during your IP Due-Diligence process.

Intellectual property assets are an important part of any company evaluation and crucial to secure the company operation. Securing your investment by controlling the company’s intellectual property portfolio will make sure you have all the information you need to make a sound business decision.

When to conduct an IP Due Diligence?

IP Due diligence can be conducted at different levels. Depending on the company, IP investment portfolio and size of investment, we can help you verify the ownership of the company’s IP, validate its strength and relevancy to the company business plan, potential risks for infringements and more.

Questions that are normally reviewed during the IP due diligence:

  • Who is/are the owner/s of the IP investment portfolio?
  • Is it valid, in what countries and for how long?
  • Is it protecting the technology and activities of the company?
  • What is owned by the competitors and are there infringement risks?

The IP Due diligence search and analysis is normally combining different searches such as patent family and legal status control, invalidity, freedom to operate and novelty. All to help validate and evaluate a company, or project and provide support for a sound business decision.

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