About Us

Patentest – A Professional Patent Search Company

The patent search company Patentest was founded in 2004 in Israel under the trademark of New-Tone patent search. The company has quickly established itself as the largest patent search company in Israel. Over the years the company has used its experience to expand its activities to Europe and to the USA. Patentest established its operation with companies in the UK (Patentest UK Ltd), Sweden (Patentest Sweden AB) and the USA (Patentest Inc).

Patentest team

Our team has many years of experience in patent search and analysis for patent attorneys, R&D departments and inventors. Our engineers are experts in the art of searching.

Beside their academical background and experience from different industries, they are continuously trained to use the most advanced tools and methods.

All in order to provide you with a quick service and the most accurate results. Read more about our team here.

Our mission

To bring inventors closer to the world of patents and spread the know-how and knowledge about Intellectual property rights in general. The mission of Patentest as a professional patent search company is also to promote a culture of innovation and creativity.

Our vision

To be the first contact for every idea or invention.

To lead the development and technology in the art of patent information and searching.

To be an information and knowledge center for research and development departments for all industries.

Patentest a professional patent search company


Your privacy and patent confidentiality are in the heart of our business and are crucial to our long-term future as a global patent information and patent search company. Therefore, we are always willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement with you.


At Patentest we maintain a strict and high-quality employment and training program in order to provide the best quality and in-depth patent search report to our clients. To ensure the quality, we also use a standardised search method that also includes quality control and every patent search is being reviewed by at least two engineers.


We are dedicated to developing tools to improve our search for a patent or multiple patents, no matter where in the world. We guarantee our clients the best results and experience using our reports. Our experience and expertise in the art of searching is used continuously to develop and improve our abilities to find the right documents and present it to you in the most modern, easy to read and collaborative way.