State of the art search / Technology survey


State of the art search is an in-depth report overview of a technology domain. The state of the art search for patents and NPL (Non-Patent Literature), also known as a technology survey, is aiming at patent departments, R&D, start-ups and inventors and will allow them to review other available solutions, competitors, potential infringements as well as identify potential novelty features.

The search specification will normally be wider than a Patentability or Freedom to Operate search and the report will include a wide range of solutions from both patents and non-patents publications. As this is a tailor-made search you can discuss with us how to formulate the search in the best way to get the optimal technology coverage for your company.

Why and when to conduct a State of the art patent search?

Knowledge is king! Time is money! Maybe you’ve heard these two clichés several times before? A market and Intellectual property analysis when starting a development project or during the feasibility study and evaluation is crucial for making sound business decisions and might save the company valuable time and money.

If this is the very first time you are looking to patent an idea or innovation, you might have many important questions that you would like answers for. Common questions are for example:

  • What can we develop?
  • Do we have a good solution in hand?
  • Is it novel or what can be novel?
  • Are there any potential infringement risks?  


We can help you find the answers for these questions when conducting a state of the art patent search.

As an in-depth and dedicated professional patent search and analysis company, we are the only one who can provide you with expertise, creativity and in-depth knowledge in the technology, combined with mastering the art of searching.

An intellectual property analysis is Essentially an in-depth analysis that can for example find risks for patent infringement or help identify new potential development and scope of protection for new patent applications.

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