Why search for a patent?

Starting with a patent search, or a Patentability search, will save unnecessary costs. By letting us conduct an advanced search for a patent, or multiple patents, you can spend more of your time on your business and company operations. 

Before spending more time on your idea and money on an expensive patent attorney you might want to make sure your idea is new and patentable. This is where a patentability search comes in. A patent is a long and expensive process. General statistics are showing that most invention ideas are not new or patentable. Let us help you conduct a professional patent search and we might help you save valuable time and money.

Why do you need to search for a patent or multiple patents 

Searching for patents on your product (Freedom to operate search) might prevent potential legal conflicts. 

If we find patents that might protect parts of the product, it might help you to avoid infringing other inventors patents. 

search for patent

How can this type of search attract investors?

A patent search performed in the early stages of your product development will help you attract investors to your invention. 

Many inventors are seeking partners or investors at early stages as a way of financing their patent and development costs. A professional search for patents is the best way to convince your investor that your idea is unique and novel.

For new companies and start-ups, it can quickly become difficult to attract the right type of angel investors and venture capital funding. Oftentimes the most experienced investors will not invest capital in a company unless they clearly can see an unique and highly valuable opportunity. If there is clear evidence that your idea or innovation is patentable and free to operate (FTO), the investors will become much more interested in your venture.