Freedom to Operate (FTO)

Freedom to Operate – FTO search report

Do you want to conduct a Freedom to Operate (FTO) search ? A new product might include several technologies or details that might be protected by patents owned by other companies. Companies might choose to protect their invention by registering the patent (validating the patent) in many different countries depending on their business plan and model. 

It is therefore important that prior to developing, producing or introducing your product to a new market, to conduct an in-depth FTO (Freedom To Operate) search that will reveal patents that might be owned by other inventors or competitors and that might prevent you from entering the market or increase your costs substantially due to legal actions or royalties.

It is also a good idea to conduct a patent invalidity search if you are aware of potential infringement to your patent that was found during a Freedom to Operate search.   

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The importance and complexity of the FTO search:

A Freedom to Operate search is considered one of the most complicated and comprehensive searches.

It is demanding from the patent search expert an in-depth knowledge of the patent databases and analytical understanding of the technologies that are constructing the product. The search expert will need to breakdown the product or invention to the different potential technology elements that might be protected in order to establish the specific search strategy needed.

An FTO (Freedom to Operate) report will cite mainly patents that might indicate the risk in using the technology, but sometimes also proves that the technology might be considered public domain and therefore free to use.

To order the FTO search:  

Would you like to order an FTO? Due to the complexity and time needed to conduct the Freedom to Operate search a price offer is needed in order to evaluate the invention and territories to be covered during the search.

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