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To periodically review a technology area

What is a Patent Watch?

A patent watch, or patent monitoring, is a search for patents designed to provide a clear picture about progress in a specific technical field.

A Patent Watch is a tailor-made search based on technology and/or company names that will be conducted periodically depending on the client’s needs.

It is essentially a patent and technology survey that is producing a broad, sweeping view over everything that has been published during a specific period.

patent watch

Why conduct a Patent Watch?

Depending on the project or product development and life cycle, there is a need to monitor any patent activities in a specific technical field. This State-of-the-Art search is the first step prior to contemplating entry into a technological area or initiating an R&D project. The results of the so-called State of the Art search will often lead to a decision on monitoring parts or all the technology in order to avoid surprises on later stages of the project, or product life cycle. 

The Patent Watch results will offer the client the opportunity to be up to date on changes, progress and potential new infringements risks in the market as well as prepare in advance for necessary office actions on critical competitors patents found in the search. The State of the Art and subsequent Patent Monitoring is not to be confused by or replace a dedicated and focused Freedom to Operate search and opinion that must be conducted at later stages prior to production and product launch. In most cases, a Patent Watch search might save a client both time and money and prevent surprises at later stages.

When to conduct the Patent Watch?

Following on from a State of the Art or Freedom to Operate (FTO) search and during the development period and/or product life cycle. The Patent Watch can be conducted monthly, quarterly or periodically according to the client’s needs. How frequent is depending on how active the technology area is. We normally recommend the patent monitoring to be conducted quarterly in order to avoid large amounts of documents as well as prevent missing important office actions dates related to an important or critical patent document.

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