Patentability Search

What is a novelty or patentability search?

You might wonder what a patentability search is and how to patent an idea in the best possible way. Do you have an idea for an invention right now that you believe is unique? Did you come up with a brilliant idea but have not yet searched for similar ideas? Are you considering developing it and protecting it with a patent? Then you basically have two options:

  1. Go for it! Start investing time, money and efforts on presentations, development, financing, patent application and market research. You will need to work closely with industrial designers, engineers, patent attorneys, advisors, venture capitalists or investors and the list will just get longer…


  1. Wait a minute and think! Maybe someone thought about it before you? Maybe the idea is already out there on other markets? Maybe it’s not even patentable because there are earlier publications that are showing parts or all of your ideas? Maybe the product doesn’t exist on the market, but it does not mean others did not protect it and you might infringe their rights. This is where a professional patentability search can provide clarity to the actual situation.

Independent and professional patent search

If you choose wisely option two, and put a temporary halt on your race, just to make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision, you will need to decide between two options: conduct your own research or order it from a professional patent search and analysis company.

At Patentest we believe there is no doubt. It’s obvious you must start by conducting your own research. Use Google or any other search engine and use for example free patent search engines like Google Patents or the European patent database, Espacenet. You might find that your invention is not new and save time and money, or it will help you better specify and focus your invention.

A patent search expert is a profession

Following your research, it is time for a professional patent search (patentability search). This is the stage we enter the picture. This is the best time, right after you completed your own search, to order a patentability/novelty search from our experts’ team at Patentest.

Both global and regional statistics are overwhelming and decisive- most invention ideas are not new or novel and will not qualify for a patent. Inventors that are only depending on their own search or a limited review by their attorney, will most likely not receive a patent or will be dragged into an expensive patent process leaving them eventually, at the end of it, with a patent that will not have any commercial value. Living in denial and refusing to view facts, will only make you waste valuable time and money. After all, a patent is not something we do just to hang on the wall. It is all about making money. Don’t you think?

Therefore, you need to contact a professional and independent patent search and information company. A company that is dedicated to the art of patent searching and that will make sure you will find the information you need. As a professional search team, at Patentest, we are searching and finding patent information all day and every day.

Who should conduct a patentability search?

The art of searching is a profession needing the right engineering background, expertise in mastering several professional databases, standardized methods and processes that only a professional search organization can offer you.

As an independent search team, we are committed to present you with the facts regardless if you choose to eventually patent your idea or not. Our experienced patent search team is conducting searches daily for patent and law firms, patent departments, universities and inventors. All to make sure the right facts and information is there for you to make your business decision.

patentability search


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Example of patentability search report

Our report is designed to provide extensive information. We are committed to a professional cost-effective report. Your time costs money(!) and we are dedicated to make your work easier and faster. Please look through our Example report here for more information


We are always here for you no matter when or why, by phone or mail. Contacting us is free of charge and we will always help you prepare for the search or further understand the results if needed.