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Last updated June 16, 2020.

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Patentest® is obligated for keeping in complete confidentiality the details of all inventions submitted to us. All order forms include a confidentiality clause. We want you to be fully aware and informed of how we utilize the information you submit to us via forms or by surfing in order to serve you better.

Some functionality at require registration. During registration you will be asked to provide personal information. Your information will be saved in our database.
During your visit to we might collect some non personal statistical information such as the visited pages, durations, browser information, operating systems, and more. This information is aimed to help us operate and improve uses “Cookies” to operate properly. These Cookies are used to collect the statistical information discussed above and to prevent the need for you to login every time you visit

Patentest® will not give, show, expose, trade, make available, or risk in any way the exposure of your personal information to 3rd parties.

Patentest® will keep your information confidential using data protection and security systems. PatentestTM do not guarantee that our systems are immune to malicious attacks and other potential misuse of the information contained in them.

Patentest® will not save personal confidential information in any 3rd party server machine (or hardware) without prior written consent.

Patentest® reserves the right to alter this privacy policy any time at its discretion.