2036 ways to open a bottle of wine

Electric, manual, pneumatic, with lever, without lever, adjustable length, folded, integrated in the cork or connected to the wall. Wine corkscrew continue to develop even 130 years after David W. Davis invented the traditional known corkscrew     

2019 is over and we are still seating around our dinner table considering the tools we use to eat and serve our food. We invent to solve a problem and we come up with ideas such as the stickiness and viscosity of the honey or how to peel a pomegranate, but after a short time touring the patent database we decided to dedicate this short story to one of the most patented kitchen tools with no less than 2036 patents that were applied during the past history in order to make our life easier to open a bottle of wine from its stubborn cork. By the way 242 of the patents are still alive.