Eyeglass wipers

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Category: Human Wearables
Inventor Name: John Doe
Reference Id: PT20090227024649
Status: Found
Issue Date: February 07 2009
Due Date: February 14 2009

The problem the invention intends to solve:
When a person wears glasses while walking in the rain, the raindrops on the glasses obstruct the view.
Description of the Invention:
A wiping aid which fits any existing glasses. This aid will constantly wipe rain drops off the glass allowing for a clear view.
The device includes a wipe for each lens, a powering mechanism (preferably electrical), batteries, and clipping mechanism to grab any existing glasses.
Optionally the speed of wiping can be controlled (similar to the function in a motor vehicle).
Existing Prior Art:
I know of kids toy glasses which has wipers but my invention can fit any glasses and is expected to be used and not played with as a toy.

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