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Patentability search

Also known as Novelty search. This is the first search required to decide whether a new invention is patentable. As part of this search our expert researchers generate the appropriate search criteria for the specific invention. Then they scan multiple databases in multiple languages in over 90 countries to show the state of the art reflecting the relevant prior art.

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Final Draft Search

Final Draft searches are very similar to patent searches, they are designed to identify relevant prior art by providing a comprehensive state of the art analysis. The major difference is the fact these searches are more focused for a specific application already drafted or in the drafting phases.
After the decision was made to move forward and seek patent protection, the patent attorney will work with the inventor to correctly phrase the abstract, description, claims and other critical parts of the patent application document. During this process, and just before filing the application, draft search is performed to allow the inventor and the attorney to correctly phrase and focus the claims in order to maximize their chances of being allowed by the examiner.

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Freedom to operate

Also known as Clearance and by the acronym FTO, this search is key to any person or entity planning to market a product. Before a product can successfully be consumed in a market, huge investments are needed to produce, ship, distribute, and promote it. It is critical to be fully aware and consider potential infringement of intellectual property that might result by such a process. For a specific product, in a specific market, the infringement or lack-of, is a key first step in developing a successful business and marketing strategy and plan.

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Invalidity search

As soon as a person or entity are approached by a patent owner who claims infringement to his intellectual property an Invalidity search is required. This search will show the state of the art as it was before the date the patent was filed. This means that the purpose of this report it to help decide whether the claims of infringement are substantial or whether a trial is needed to prove that the patent needs to be invalidated. If an Invalidity report shows considerable prior art to an existing patent, there is a reasonable cause to pursue litigation instead of accepting the infringement accusations.

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State of the Art search

A State of the Art search provides insight into a wide technological area. The report can be useful when you encounter a technological problem and want a first insight into a technical area before beginning a development project.

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Patent watch

Stay updated with the latest news about relevant patents. We will send you regular updates as patents status changes and new applications are submitted for a specific criteria. Assuming you are an inventor focused on technology, you would receive and update every time a patent is applied for, approved, rejected etc. in the area of technology anywhere in the world. This information will provide you a leading edge when developing new inventions or considering recent advancements.

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Add-on service - Express processing

Receive your search report in three (3) business days

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