We provide IP research services to individual inventors, law firms, and corporations. Our experience, expertise and aggressive pricing provide the best value for IP research services in today's market.

No where else will you get such advanced tools, low cost and above all excellent customer service.

Our primary product is the patentability search which is a search of all previous public disclosures (prior art) including, patent and non-patent literature from all over the world. The purpose of the search is to determine if your invention has been publicly disclosed and thus is not patentable. The turnaround time is only 7 business days. The service can be expedited to 3 business days.

Order our search online in a few simple steps using our secured system. Within 7 business days we will provide you with a comprehensive, professional, advanced search report at an unbeatable price of $590.

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Additional IP search products we provide:

Invalidity search - Examining an approved patent for potential "invalidating" prior art. If you were approached with a request to pay royalties, we can help you evaluate your situation. Even granted patents can be invalidated in court, if the right prior art exists.

Freedom to operate - Designed to test a market for potential IP risks when introducing a new product. This is critical before making investments in manufacturing and marketing a product in order to manage the patent infringement risks.

State of the Art - A State of the Art search provides insight into a wide technological area. The report can be useful when you encounter a technological problem and want a first insight into a technical area before beginning a development project.

Final Draft Search - Designed to test a patent application document, before its submission, to allow fine tuning of the claims in order to improve its chances of being approved.

Patent watch - Subscribing to receive updates of status and patents in a specific category or individual patents.

We know that IP is a complicated area. In order to better serve you, we created a patent search hotline, where our experts are standing by to answer any question you might have. Please don't hesitate to call our hotline at 1.877.497.5359