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Patentest offers VCs, technology incubators, private investors, and any entity that wishes to examine an investment, a professional comprehensive patent search report that will integrate into the due diligence stage prior to the investment.

Often, a company patent portfolio is composed of patents in different stages.
Some are granted patents and the wise investor should want to know who the potential infringers are.
Some are pending applications that haven't been examined yet and the wise investor should want to know whether the inventions are new and their patents are about to be granted or maybe one of the competitors has already patented the technology and the patents are about to be rejected. Read more about our patentability reports.
Sometimes a company without a patent portfolio is about to be acquired. The wise buyer should order a Freedom to operate report in order to identify patents that the company products might infringe.

Our mission is to provide you the most reliable and the most cost effective patent search reports.

Order our search online in a few simple steps using our secured system. We will provide you with a comprehensive, professional, advanced search report.