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Patent is an agreement between an inventor and a country in which the country rewards the inventor with 20 years of exclusivity for discovering a new invention. Each country operates a patent office that employs patent examiners whose job is to check the patent applications that are filed to the office and to reject those applications that are not new, in other words to filter out the inventions that were already published. Those patent examiners are highly motivated and determined to avoid approval of a patent that does not meet the novelty requirements.

Since filing a patent involves considerable investment of time and money it is very important to do a patent search that can prevent the drafting and filing of a patent that is expected to be rejected. The main object of the patent search is to try and predict the opinion of the patent examiners.

Our company was born primarily out of the need to provide inventors with a simple solution that ensures that the search provider (us) is highly motivated to find prior art at least as much as the patent examiners at the patent offices around the world.

Our mission is to provide you the most reliable and the most cost effective patent search reports.

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