For patent firms

Patentest offers patent firms and other companies that inventors are their clients, a simple platform for patent searches. As users you can order searches for your clients quickly and securely and get our professional search reports within only 7 business days.

Our professionals hold advanced degrees from a wide range of academic disciplines and each search report is done by the relevant expert in the field of the invention.

The available search types are patentability, Invalidity, Freedom to operate, State of the Art, and more.

We consider patent attorneys as major users of Patentest and therefore the website and the service are specifically adapted to the needs of patent attorneys. With the understanding that the reports that we deliver to the patent attorney are transferred to the inventor for review, the search reports are designed to be understandable and clear and to minimize the customer questions upon receipt of his report.

Register as a patent attorney and enjoy additional variety of possibilities:
- Manage through one account an unlimited number of subusers.
- Enjoy our attractive pricing and payment terms.
- Manage your orders and reports.
- View historical searches.
- Download full text and PDF versions of the report cited patents.
- Retrieve current legal status and family members of each of the report cited patents.