Frequently Asked Questions

    This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section give answers to many of the repeated questions we are asked by our customers.
    This is the easiest and quickest way to find answers to your questions.
    If you cannot find the answer to your question here, email or call us.
    The preferred method of contacting us is to register for this site and use the instant messaging mechanism available at "My Patentest" section of the website.

    What Guarantees that my ideas remain confidential and private?
    Every request from a customer includes our privacy commitment.
    Inventors interested to receive their own NDA signed by the companies are welcome to send it vie email to , the NDA document will be reviewed, commented and signed.

    What are the advantages of using

    • The only company in the world with clear economical interest to perform a thorough and extensive search.
    • A global leader in providing advanced patent search tools and methodologies
    • Over five years of reputation operating in Europe, Middle east, and America reflect our commitment to your privacy, search reliability, and our integrity
    • The most advance search report in the market.
    • Attractive pricing (low cost)
    • Results in five business days or less
    • A variety of engineers from different fields to better understand your ideas and needs
    • Team work, more then one engineer may work on your search, as needed.
    • Online, interactive, secured system for order and report management.

    What is the extent of your search? Are you accessing paid databases?
    We search in databases which cover the records of over 80 countries. We collect our payment only if we find prior publication, this makes us eager to have successful searches. Our interest is to perform a thorough and extensive search so we can find what the patent examiner might find. We search in all the places where the examiners search including paid databases, global databases, scientific articles databases, general web searches, and more.

    Does the report include only patents?
    Every prior publication puts an invention at risk of being declined as a patent. Our reports may also include web pages, scientific articles, products, etc.

    Payment for patentability searches is due only if the report shows findings that might risk patent approval for the invention. How do I know if the report findings risk the registration?
    Our goal is to give our customers information that will help them reach an informed decision weather or not to pursue the patent application process for their invention. The purpose of the report is to reflect the right information to the inventor so he can reach this decision properly.
    Inventors should be aware the we are searching solely based on the information provided to us by the inventor during the patent search request submission.
    The comparison between the invention as described in the patent search request submission and the findings of the report, in light of patent laws, will enable the inventor to clearly determine weather he will be charge for the report or no.
    We will not attach invoices to reports who's findings, we feel, don't risk the acceptance of approved patent for the searched invention.

    After looking at the report I got, and despite the fact your invoice was attached, I don't feel that the findings in the report risk my chances of receiving approved patent for my invention, what should I do?
    Don't do
    Don't proceed with patent registration for your invention !! Despite the fact you are eager to register your patent and now you are more convinced then ever of the high chances of this patent to get approved. STOP ! There might be some level of misunderstanding. Either we did not understand your invention properly or you did not understand our report properly.
    First it is important to download the original patent documents and read them carefully, at least the first few that appear in our search report.
    Our report viewing page allows customers to respond to the report findings using the instant messaging system build into These instant messages are sent directly to our customer service and are handled within 24 hours. Customers can dispute invoices only 72 hours after the report has been made available to them.
    It is very important for us to hear from our customers and better understand what distinguishes your invention and the ones reflected in our report. If we reach a conclusion that these gaps require additional search, our professional team will conduct a new search based on our new understanding of your invention.

    Why don't I search by myself if my invention already exists?
    We encourage our customers to begin the process by searching themselves. We also recommend downloading our free toolbar that helps in conducting searches. In cases where you are not able to find your invention by yourself order our search. Keep in mind, if we cant find your invention, you will not be charged !!!

    Does your report guarantees that I will not get sued in the future if I use my invention?
    NO, The purpose of our report is to evaluate if an invention may receive approved patent status. Our report does not claim to test if components of your invention are protected by other patents. For this you need to order a freedom to operate search report

    I have a 3rd party patent search report stating that my invention does not exist, should I still order your service?
    YES  you must, we are confident in our ability to locate and find publications other cannot locate and find. You can only gain from approaching us. If we don't find it you get a free second opinion (we will not charge you) and if we do find it, you save thousands of $$ in legal fees of applying for a patent which will be declined later on.

    Where can I view a sample search report?
    Click Patentest In-DepthTM to view a sample report

    How much your service costs?
    Price list (Registration required).

    How long does it take to perform a search?
    Patentability searches are available to you within five business days or less. Other reports take ten business days or less.
    We offer an expedited service which shortens these periods for a fee.

    Can I shorten the time it takes to get my report?
    YES, in our service order forms, please check the appropriate box and the report will be available to you in two business days or less. This service is performed for a fee.

    Can I request to receive the hard copy report via mail?
    YES, in our service order forms, please check the appropriate box and the report will be printed in hard copy and sent to you via regular mail. This service is performed for a fee.

    Will the patent lawyer I will approach to register my patent use your search report or request a new search report he will performs?
    Our patent search reports are valued in the patent lawyer community and there should be no reason why your patent lawyer would want to perform another search. Usually patent lawyers prefer to relay on 3rd party search reports because they remove any legal liability for the search from the lawyer. Despite that, we encourage our customer to perform additional search with the patent lawyers. Such second opinion cannot harm. Keep in mind that we did not bill for our search. So you end up paying for a single search, where in fact you enjoy both.

    Is it possible that I will find prior publication relating to my invention which are not reflected in your report?
    YES, This is one of the drivers for our policy of not billing our customers in case we are not able to find prior publication. Every search is limited and there is no entity that guarantees with 100% certainty that their search results reflect the fact there are no prior publication. This is why it is very important that you pay only if the search finds prior publication, in order to give the searching party the right interest and motivation for performing your search.

    The three main problem that the person performing a search face are:

    1. The need to deal with the entire (seen and heard) human knowledge, in all languages, including what is not available on the internet.
    2. Patent applications are public only eighteen months after they are submitted
    3. The person performing the search is human capable of human error