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Patent and law firms are using Patentest as their preferred Patent information provider since 2004. Regardless if you are from the US, China, UK, Germany, Sweden, Israel or any other country, we are here to provide you with the best service and the most relevant and accurate patent information and analysis. No matter what technology and how simple or complicated the mission is, you can be sure our experienced team will provide you with the right patent information.

Patentest team includes engineers with different technology background in order to be able to search and analyze any type of invention and development area. All our engineers are going through an intensive training process in order to master the art of searching and the use of different tools. We are proud our team has been with us many years in order to guaranty our expertise and competence in the relevant technology areas in order to provide you the most accurate information and best reports.

Delivering quality and accuracy are the most important to us. We therefore make sure our search methods, tools and training program are always UpToDate. All patent search orders are matched to an engineer with the right technology background and experience. All our searches and reports will always be controlled by at least one additional patent search engineer before sending it to you. Our door is always open to receive your inputs and comments and we will never leave a question from you unanswered.

As a patent attorney you are important to us. You and your client’s satisfaction are the best way for us to secure our next order.

Security and confidentiality come first. We therefore made sure our online order process is maintaining the highest security technology available. No information is saved locally on our computers and servers and all our clients information are secured using the best available platform.

You can easily register and gain access to our secure order process. You can also register and manage several users under you if necessary. We are committed to provide you with the best service and prices. Our system will allow you to:

Manage your orders and report securely.
Manage your team (if needed).
Manage several orders at the same time. Review present and historical orders and reports.
Downloading and viewing important analysis information concerning the report and/or a specific document in the report.

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